Movie Review: Close

Noomi Rapace’s new action movie packs no punch to either the action or the drama.

by Dan Brenic

Say what you will about What Happened to Monday but I enjoyed the movie a lot. So seeing Noomi Rapace in a new action-thriller had me very excited. Unfortunately, my excitement waned considerably after I began watching Close, featuring Rapace as Sam, a security expert for hire, who must protect an heiress from kidnappers.

Unfortunately, there’s not much action or thrills when it comes to the movie. The action is few and far between, and there isn’t much substance given to them. The action scenes last only a couple minutes at a time and are full of cuts that make it impossible to follow.

Despite the lack of time devoted to action, the characters are rather basic and don’t seem to grow except when inexplicably, the movie attempts to give them character moments. Sam sees their relationship as protector and protected, and Zoe(Sophie Nelisse) considers the relationship to be employer and employee. The movie never lets their relationship grow out of these parameters they’ve set into what can be viewed as a friendship and when there are attempts at character moments, made with less than 20 minutes left in the movie no less, that feel unearned. To its credit, the film is a brisk 90 minutes and 15 minutes of character development could have really helped the overall narrative.

Overall, Close had some decent ideas, but the execution is lackluster. A better script and better camerawork could have turned this from a run of the mill action movie into something special.

2/5 stars