Downstream: Trailer Round-Up for the Week of April 2-8

A light week in terms of trailers this week so let's get into it.

I know that last week, I said that Kodachrome would be the Netflix Original movie to keep your eye on. Well, turns out that for the second week in a row, Netflix has a killer looking movie on the way. The only apprehension that I have towards Cargo is that the producer for The Babadook, I'm not a fan of that movie, is attached to this movie as well.

3% is another one of those foreign language shows that I haven't seen. The general plot seems fairly formulaic, with the general populous upset that 3% of people get to go to live in this utopian society. I've heard it's worth checking out but with so much content on the front and back burners, it'll be awhile until that happens.