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Downstream: Trailer Round-Up for the Week of March 11-16

It's that time of the week where Dan breaks down the Netflix trailers of the week. So sit down with a nice glass of Tin Cup Whiskey and follow along at home.

Happy Anniversary is another foray into the romantic(comedy?) genre from Netflix. It features the love interest from season 1 of Master of None and some dude giving a look at what regular relationships go through as the honeymoon phase ends. For those of you looking into seeing reality in a movie, this is for you. For those of you looking to have ridiculous things happen in a movie and for everything to resolve wonderfully for everyone, skip it.

Edha is an interesting looking show that I have no want to actually watch. While there is certainly intrigue that will definitely drive interest, this show just isn't my type of backdrop.

I'm gonna be honest here, I have no idea what 6 Balloons is even about. Just from the synopsis on the trailer it just seems like a dramatic "hi-jinks ensue" movie. I like Dave Franco and I've heard Abi Jacobson is good in Broad City but this trailer does nothing to grab me.

Paradox looks like a film school project. Daryl Hannah directed this thing, remember her? This is a hard avoid.

Shot just like your favorite Nickelodeon sitcom(Drake & Josh, iCarly) comes Alexa & Katie. As a general rule, I avoid sitcoms shot just like this. That said, there does seem to be some heart behind it, which is what Netflix seems to go for in their sitcoms. So if you're a fan of something a little extra with you comedy shows, check it out.