Downstream: Trailer Round-Up for the Week of March 19-23

Amateur has the possibility of being a very good movie if it highlights how broken the basketball recruiting system is. Based on an early look, it might touch on that recruiting system but won't go as far as it will need to go. Maybe the story is truly just about the kid but if left at that, this movie will be completely unremarkable.

The Fast and the Furious meets real life. I'm not sure what the stakes of these races is but if the people are actually interesting, this might be one to watch if you like to watch cars go fast.

This is the movie I'm looking forward to the most right now. The Titan has a chance to be very good but will probably wind-up extremely cliched. But hey, that hasn't stopped Netflix before.

Here we have a trailer that tells me very little about the movie. Apparently, this movie is based on a true story where a bishop starts saying things people don't want to hear and he's labeled a heretic. This is an interesting story, one that may be worth watching, but Netflix needs to start wrangling in some of its trailer editors.

Not so much a trailer but this has me very excited for The Rain. I've been into weird sci-fi lately and this seems like it will continue to scratch the itch.

I was very excited about this show until I did a small amount of research. This is a BBC co-production with Netflix and has for the most part, already aired in the UK. Ratings out of the UK are not positive in the least bit. I'll check out one episode but should it not keep my attention, I'll be moving on rather quickly.