As some of you heard on episode 146, we’re giving away a $100 USD Netflix gift card if we hit 100 ratings/reviews in Apple Podcasts by the end of 2019. So what do you have to do to enter? It’s simple, visit this link (right here -> and drop us a rating or review in order for us to reach 100 total ratings/reviews in Apple Podcasts worldwide.

If and when we hit this goal before the end of 2019, the drawing will commence. Everyone who has written us a review will be entered into the drawing for the chance to win the above mentioned gift card. You read that correctly, the only way that you will be able to win the gift card is by reviewing the show. This is because we need a name to identify you during the drawing. If you’re someone who simply leaves a rating, your effort is appreciated but you will not be eligible to win the gift card due to there not being anything that identifies you.

When the drawing occurs and the winner is announced, the winner will be given 1 week from initial notification, whether through direct contact or by listening to the podcast episode in which the winner is announced, to respond with proof that you are the name that was drawn.

If you live in a foreign country(read: outside of the United States) and the gift card is nonredeemable for some reason, we will determine a replacement prize of equal monetary value that is suitable for you.

Should any issues arise during the campaign, we maintain the right and ability to correct said issues.

Reviewers that share the “Netflix ‘N Swill” Netflix account log-in information are not eligible to win above mentioned gift card.