Post-Livestream for the Cure

Livestream for the Cure 3 is over and while the final dollar amount isn’t confirmed due to some amounts being donated in foreign currency, we crushed the goal of $7500 and in total raised over $8000 for cancer research with early donations and your fantastic support this weekend. What’s impressive is that if you removed the $1000 in early donations, we still raised over $7000 on the air over the weekend. We couldn’t have accomplished this without everyone who shared the event with their friends and family, everyone who participated in the event, and everyone who donated for the event. Your amazing generosity and compassion have helped to make this event successful for the past two years.

I walk away from the event with a sense of pride and disappointment. The pride is that I helped Nick, in some small way, put on the event. Before most guests joined the livestream itself, I was there making sure their video and audio settings were correct. Now sometimes, we had issues ranging from internet intermittence to just not being able to hear people, but overall, I’d say we were 95% successful in getting people on the air with no issues.

As for my disappointments, they’re mainly to do with people. First and foremost, we had some trolls in the twitch chat this year. I know it’s Twitch and I know these people exist, but it’s a cancer research charity livestream. Maybe show a modicum of respect and don’t actively troll the event because you’re trying to be edgy. Secondly, we didn’t get those donations from random people just happening by the stream. I’m not going to dwell too much onto this being that I don’t know what their financial situation is but a few donations from people that we couldn’t trace back to some podcast would have been nice. Thirdly and finally, I’m disappointed with some of my friends yet again. I know some of them are going through tough times right now, but it would have been nice if they could have shared the event with their friends and family and maybe helped us raise even more money. I love them when they’re around, but I’m a little upset when they kind of ignore what’s going on when they’re just browsing on their phone.

We also learned a lot about what to do for next year in regards to how we structure the event. Having everyone use Appear.In and bringing the entire audience over to Twitch really helped to streamline the event behind the scenes and we’re definitely going to continue down this route going forward. Something we’re going to have to improve is how we use social media for the event. Nick and I talked about how a third person will most likely need to be added to the on-site team next year just to help with getting information about what’s going on with the show out to people on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Instagram. The third thing is having the guy who works for Spectrum technical support on speed dial. Those of you who were around for the first 2 hours of Friday know that we were down and out for about 2 hours due to internet issues. After calling Spectrum, their employee, whose name I can’t remember right now, was totally understanding of our problem and helped us out immensely. Finally, we hit our goal on Saturday night/Sunday morning at 12:30 am. Something that we should have done to keep bringing in donations on Sunday was to create stretch goals for the event. Raising the goal to $10000 might have kept donations incoming as I’m sure some people came to the event on Sunday, saw that we hit the goal of $7500 and then just wholesale stopped donating. I’m not gonna blame them for that. It seems like a natural impulse to realize the goal has been hit and for all I know, everyone had tapped out their pocketbooks before Sunday in the first place.

As I leave you from the rambling sorta wrap-up/thank you letter, I do want to thank you guys so much for helping make Livestream for the Cure 3 the biggest success yet. I know some people had issues donating on the main Cancer Research Institute website and that sucks because this event could have been so much more successful. If you’re reading this and this is the first time you’re hearing of Livestream for the Cure, and you want to donate to the event, please go to and head through the donation process. As I write this in May, one of the Cancer Research Institute’s benefactors is matching all donations made during May and June of 2019 so if you can make a donation that time-span, your donation with be counted as being doubled(just like all other donations made during the event).

So while I do have some disappointments with some aspects of how the event went, it’s essential to put it into perspective. We raised(when you factor in the doubling of all donations made for the event) $16160.62 for cancer research. And for me right now, that’s good enough.