My 2019 Netflix Wishlist

Coming into 2019, there are certain things I want out of Netflix. Whether they be things that they can improve or brand new implementations, these are the things that would make Netflix a bit better for me.

  1. A merchandise store: Netflix’s number one missed opportunity in terms of a revenue stream is not making merchandise for any of their original shows. Imagine if there was an online store that sold t-shirts and hoodies to your favorite shows. A Prufrock Prep hoodie with the school’s motto on it, a Underwood 2020 shirt, the pink backpack from Altered Carbon, and that’s not to mention posters for every single Original program. Of course, it would take an incredible amount of money to even set up: market research, raw materials, printing costs, staffing, establishing supply chains; but would the pay-off be worth it? I say probably. Then again, they’ve got people who are smarter than me and who have probably done market research to know whether or not it’s a good idea.

  2. Viewing numbers: From here on out, my wish-list gets significantly more selfish. As a podcaster who focuses solely on Netflix, knowing how shows and movies are doing in terms of viewership would go a long way into determining what we should be reviewing for the show. Netflix seems to only reveal viewing numbers whenever it makes them look good. Look at when they announced that Bird Box garnered over 45,000,000 views in its first week of release. They basically whipped it out to show off how big it was. I want that for everything, not just the most successful thing all time for their platform. It would aid in my analysis of why shows get renewed or cancelled and make for an overall more informative show.

  3. Earlier release date announcements: The announcement of the release date for Stranger Things Season 3 not withstanding, Netflix is really bad at announcing when content releases. A lot of the time, a trailer is released within a week or two of release of the program and it’s difficult to build hype for it. The Punisher Season 2 is a perfect example, the release date was announced to anyone not privy to the Netflix Media Center website on January 3 or fifteen days before the release of the season. If you want to get people to talk about your products, you need to give them time to breathe. Announcing things a month or two out allows for the hype to build and selfishly, allows me to schedule my show more effectively.

So what about all of you? What do you want to see Netflix do in 2019? Let me know in the comment section!