My Top 5 "Horror" Movies on Netflix in October 2018

It’s that time again for Halloween, the time when most people who normally don’t watch scary movies decide to partake due to the season. I’m not the horror guy on the podcast nor a horror guy at all. I’d have to say that horror is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of genres of movies and television. There’s something about watching a horror-themed program that I can’t buy into, I can’t suspend my disbelief in terms of the supernatural. I don’t feel that terror that some might when there’s something I don’t find plausible happening. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and zombies are all something I don’t see any plausibility to. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a movie with one of those as the subject, as you’ll see later in my list, but they have to be remarkable for me to enjoy. As such, my list won’t be comprised of what horror purists would put on their lists. For the most part, my list will feature movies that are mainly another genre with horror as a sub-genre. Without further ado, let’s get into my favorites:

5. Deep Blue Sea: I love well-done schlocky horror movies. I’ve seen plenty of poorly done schlock, all too numerous to count. But Deep Blue Sea is one of the good kind of schlock. Incredibly over the top, including memorable kills, fun dialogue, and laugh out loud moments, Deep Blue Sea is one of those movies that I can watch any time of year.

4. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: Moving from schlock to satire, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil does something you never really knew you wanted. You’ve seen the horror movie where some kids head up to some backwoods part of the country and wind-up getting killed by hillbillies. This movie takes it from the side of two hillbillies that want nothing more than just to be left alone and a group of kids assuming that the hillbillies are going to murder them. Pure insanity ensues as the kids start to die unintentionally at the hands of the hillbillies and the hillbillies themselves are horrified. T&DvE is truly a fun time and a nice, lighter-hearted movie(from a comedy sense) to balance out the slasher films of the season.

3. V/H/S 2: This is the most straight-up horror movie on the list. V/H/S 2 is the follow-up to V/H/S, a horror anthology movie set around horror stories captured on VHS tapes. V/H/S 2 features some great stories and interesting cinematography for its stories. It features Adam Wingard and Gareth Evans directing two stories of their own, Evans’ story about the religious cult being my personal favorite of the series for how absolutely bizarre it is. V/H/S 2 is something I watch every single year for the Halloween season and I hope you do too, but make sure you watch it early enough this month. It leaves on October 24.

2. The Babysitter: The only Netflix Original on my list, The Babysitter was unheralded when it first dropped on Netflix. Up to that point, Netflix didn’t have a great track record with horror movies, not to mention that the movie was directed by McG. You know, McG, that guy that directed such masterpieces as Terminator Salvation, Charlie’s Angel’s: Full Throttle, and a bunch of Korn music videos in the 90s. Then when you watch it, it’s just a load of fun. Fun kills, funny dialogue, and a surprising amount of heart, The Babysitter is another fun time in front of the tv(or computer, or mobile phone. Really wherever you watch Netflix).

1. Train to Busan: Train to Busan is one of those movies that I had no idea would be so good. Even when Paul from The Countdown gushed over this movie on one of their patented Top 10, Last 10 episodes, I believed I would be going into a decent movie featuring a father and daughter trying to survive a zombie outbreak. Instead what I got was a great father-daughter drama about a workaholic father trying to make amends for the fact that he’s been neglectful to his daughter with the backdrop of the collapse of society. They’re the main characters of the story but you will care about several more characters as the movie progresses and every death of those characters weighs on you until the very end. This movie is tense and wonderful and you need to see it right now, or on October 1 when the horror season really begins.

Honorable Mentions:

Tusk: It’s kinda become a meme on the show that I want Caleb to watch this. I’ll start by saying, this isn’t a good movie. A lot of people hate this movie. I’m in the camp of people that enjoys this movie. It’s so bizarre, with everything from the entire plot to the walrus suit to the climax. It’s just a bizarre movie that not everyone will be able to buy into but if you’re anything like me, this movie will be a blast.

Ghoul: This is technically cheating because this is a short series on Netflix. It’s three episodes long and they’re each 45 minutes, so if this was instead a movie, it would be roughly two hours and fifteen minutes. Now beware with this show, the first episode is slow. It’s literally nothing but a set-up for the world outside and inside of this prison for Indian terrorists. But once you get past it, the remaining hour and a half are worth your time. This movie compares very well to The Thing, a praise that I don’t raise all too often. This show is gripping for episodes two and three and absolutely something that you need to watch this Halloween season.

Let me know what you guys think of the list and what your horror favorites are that are on Netflix in the month of October!