Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is an Easily Fixable Mess

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it will be known as for the rest of the blog, is one of the most interesting video games I've ever played. It's a simple concept, be the last person left standing, but that simple concept makes every moment stressful in the best way. At least, that's how I felt when I first started playing the game.

Now, I'm more that 250 hours into PUBG and I'm angry with it. I'm angry with it because the game is just littered with issues, from bugs, to design flaws, to cheating out the wazoo. I think PUBG has the potential to be an all time great game, but there are certain things that truly hold this game back.

  1. Fix the loot tables: The number one frustration I have with this game is in the early game. You land in a high traffic and the only thing you need is a gun. So you run off into a building, struggle to find a gun, and then someone runs in after you and shoots you to death with an AR. After all of that, you struggle to think of why you ran by four pairs of pants, that don't do anything by the way, and you couldn't find a gun. There are clothing spawns out the ass but they're purely aesthetic. Just remove the pants, the shirts, and the shoes from spawning and adjust gun spawns. At least then, I'll only have to be angry about missing every single shot instead of never having the chance to fight back.
  2. Remove assets to increase performance: A recent update to PUBG saw Bluehole change the way the load-in to the game worked. Now players are spaced out, as opposed to being centralized in one location, and guns don't spawn into the game until the players are in the plane, which is how you choose your character's starting location. Taking from the above point, removing the clothing spawns(which remember, do absolutely nothing) would significantly reduce the amount of assets being loaded into the game and would ease the strain put on every single player's internet.
  3. Get more servers: PUBG is incredibly popular. The game has sold over 25 million copies through Steam and an additional 4 million on Xbox One. The Steam peak player base is just shy of 4 million players. So with the rampant success of a massive multiplayer game such as this, more and more servers are required. While I'm sure Bluehole has added servers in order to handle the load, the game still runs like a slideshow at the beginning of every match. As the player count dwindles to roughly the mid-fifties, the game becomes infinitely more stable. This doesn't give the players a productive experience of the game.
  4. Remove/Tweak certain guns: The remove is purely a pipe dream but currently I do feel that there is one gun that doesn't belong in the game. The 7.62 revolver is a disaster of a gun. It takes forever to load/reload, holds only 7 shots, controls haphazardly, and generally feels unpleasant and unrewarding to use. I've brainstormed about how to fix this gun and I've never thought of something that actually works. It just needs to be removed from the game for the betterment of everyone. Currently, the pump shotgun is in a terrible spot. The buckshot spread on the gun is extremely unpredictable and has the same problem as most shotguns in shooters have, it's either extremely strong or extremely weak. Buckshot shotguns don't behave like this. Fix the pellet spread on the gun to be more consistent and the gun will be fine. The Vector is an interesting gun. It has the capability of being the worst or being the best gun depending on what magazine attachment you have on it. If you have an extended mag(or even the extended quickdraw mag) on the Vector, it's crazy how good that gun is. But when you have no magazine attachment whatsoever, the gun feels just awful to use. The extended mag nearly doubles the capacity for ammo on the gun. This needs tweaked to only add something closer to 30%, which means that the amount of ammo that the base gun can hold must be raised to compensate. 

I'm not a dev. I'm sure adjustments to this game aren't simplistic in anyway. However, this game needs serious tweaks if it's going to thrive. I currently play with friends to mess around, have a good time, and yell at Bill(who you can find streaming at But at a certain point, if things aren't adjusted, I'll walk away from the game to play something else. Probably something that has learned from PUBG's mistakes. So Bluehole needs to fix a lot of it's problems, before someone else does.