These Two Aren't the Same

Every once in awhile, I like to troll about Facebook comments on the Netflix Facebook page. Now I know that it’s typically a cesspool of dumb takes and people generally not understanding what’s going on but today, a few comments like the one below got to me.


This is in response to a Netflix post saying “Hold the Dark was absolutely terrifying!”. Right off the bat, I totally disagree with what Netflix is saying. I was at no point terrified of what was going to happen in the movie(remember that Caleb taught us all the definition of terror in episode 111) but still, I was entertained.

This brings me to blacked out name up there. This person is equating How It Ends and Hold the Dark. If for some reason we decided to do a Worst of the Year category for The Swillies this year, How It Ends would probably be on it, alongside Mute and Extinction. How It Ends has so many more problems than the very end of the movie, which I actually liked that they never explained what caused the cataclysmic events that set the movie in motion. Plus, I find the observation ‘It’s called How It Ends and the ending isn’t even there’ tiresome. You can read more about my thoughts of How It Ends here:

Hold the Dark falls on the opposite side of the spectrum. It’s one of the better movies of the year and assuming that the big four that Netflix is releasing in the coming months(Other Side of the Wind, Outlaw King, Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Roma) live up to the hype, Hold the Dark would fit in my honorable mentions column for the Best Original Movie of the Year award.

I think equating these two movies just because the ending doesn’t tell you anything is lazy. How It Ends is very literal and holds nothing back. The ending of that movie is not about how the world ends, it’s about how two people need to now survive in a significantly different status quo. Hold the Dark is much more subtle in the delivery of its message and purposefully withholds information from you to make you pay attention more upon a re-watch. That said, even with a re-watch, I was left scratching my head at two particular events at the very end as to understand why they happened. Not to sound too hoity-toity, but How It Ends is much more of a popcorn fare movie while Hold the Dark is something that you have to put down the phone for.

Maybe I’m the fool here. Maybe I should stop going into Facebook comment sections looking for sanity and nuance. Maybe I should stop expecting better of people. Or maybe we should stop making false equivalencies based off of two movies sharing only one aspect.

Or maybe I should just stop going to Facebook comment sections.