On aging

Oh hey, a blog post.

I'm getting older. I know, I know, that's obvious and a non-statement. But I've reached that magical time in one's life when your age becomes an undeniable and constant factor in everything.  I don't heal as quickly. I have persistent aches and pains. My hair is turning salt and pepper at an ever increasing rate. 

Getting older is fine. A lot of people seem scared of it or try to stop it, but I think it's kind of cool. I already was a teenager, it sucked. 

Going to school and going through job training is a constant checkmark-based sort of progress in life. Now that I'm out of school it's sometimes hard to tell if I'm making progress or not. School is like leveling up in a game, and then when that's done, your career is like loot-grinding for the end game raids. Hey, I managed to work in something related to Monster Hunter, go figure.

The lines in my face show that I spent a lot of time laughing. The white hair proves that I've learned some stuff that's worth passing on to my nieces and nephews. The aches and pains remind me of a life spent carrying on and having a good time. Slower healing means not living my life with reckless abandon, but rather taking time to map out a stable future. 

Getting older is pretty cool if you embrace it. Life changes. It'll be okay.